1. Moonstar by Zora Jones

  2. Vista (Hudson Mohawke Remix) - Jackson and His Computer Band

    This is just incredible. Builds and breaks and peaks and swoops and drops and drops and drops. It’s a five and a half minute galactic rollercoaster, as designed by Rustie on a sugar high. It’s the soundtrack from the surreal 2013 movie remake of the weirdest arcade game of the 80s. You can’t dance to it and then you can dance to it. It’s a great big space-beast of a track that you can’t really fit into any of the genre tags that HudMo is usually landed with - when this finally comes out I’m tagging my mp3 with “cosmic bass”. One of my favourite tracks of the year so far.


  3. Starlito jumps (or perhaps just sort of slides) on a floaty beat from Ryan Hemsworth’s recent “Stay Awake EP” to create a two minute track of sad-rap. These aren’t 2am vibes, these aren’t 4am vibes, these are 5.30am vibes. Get miserable. Plays well with rainfall, disappointment and insomnia.

  4. Crash Down by Fridge Poetry

    This is sounding lovely as I hide out from the sun in my bedroom with the windows wide open.

    Recommended if you like: Notwist, Gold Panda, early M83, Styrofoam, Dntel. EP out here later this week, I think.


  5. I’ve had JoJo’s 40-produced slowjam stuck in my head on and off for the last few weeks and it is absolutely makeout music - and then some. Stick with it past the fake-out guitar intro and you’re in for a ridiculously slinky slow-mo soft-focus good time.

    "Lately there’s a lot of freaky shit running my mind that I can’t say but I know I can demonstrate - I’ma make it simple and plain, you just need to come over"

    (Might be for the best that the video never came out, though) / [And while searching for that I found this video of her doing it live. Which. Uh. Let’s say “swings wildly back and forth between unbearably awkward and genuinely sexy” Yeah. Still, if you were wondering if she can really sing live then hell yes she can]


  6. I’m putting this up in the middle of the night because it is, to use a technical industry term, “not very good”, but I thought one or two of you might get a kick out of it, so, just in case -

    I couldn’t sleep a few nights ago and to pass the hours I made my first ever mash-up. It’s kind of scrappy and the verses work a lot better than the chorus but there’s a few moments I really like. “Enjoy”

    Jay-Z x Gold Panda - You to the Izzo


  7. This hour-long mix for Radio 1Xtra by LuckyMe’s in house R&B auteur, Ango, from earlier tonight is 100% straight up make out music.

    Features a few Jacques Greene tracks that I don’t think have seen official release. Either way: Entirely lovely and well worth a listen.

  8. Archive Mixes - “Friday Night in Mega City One”

    From early this year, this is a quick 25 minute mix of stuff I loved playing at parties in 2012. From the original blurb - “A quick 25 minute blast of cinematic, aggressive dance and hip-hop, stuff that I’ve loved DJing in the last six months.

    This is night out as action movie. This is a night out where the evil hipsters might actually be evil and the bloodsucking DJs might actually suck blood.”

    All stuff you already know at this point, but possibly worth it for the bits of Dredd dialogue which are fun. Newly archived at SOUNDCLOUD and MIXCLOUD and for now, still up for download on MEDIAFIRE.


  9. So, French electro producer Para One got Cam’ron on a track - already amazing, with Cam meeting the outside-his-usual-territory beat with some of his best rapping in a while and a bit where he makes it clear that he likes this girl so much he’s going to follow her on Instagram AND Cinegram. Plus I just love hearing him say “Hey Para One, what’s up homie?”.

    Every Little Thing* also features a bizarre but great comic-tragic hook from Teki Latex wherein he earnestly explains “I didn’t want to come across as a lonely man when I told you that I loved you on our first date” and a weightless high up soul verse from Irfane. All of which is ace, but it moves up a level on this remix from Girl Unit, which sets the whole thing to steady, thudding beat and fills it out with wide, wet synths leaving the end result sounding like what would happen if there was a big, chart-bothering R&B song on the Drive soundtrack.

    Something to play real loud when pretending that the party in your student flat is actually at a huge house with an infinity pool overlooking either the sprawl of LA or the expanse of southern France’s countryside. Either way, there are pink drinks in tiny glasses.

    [*Not to be confused with the all time great Juan Maclean track of the same name. Is this “liquid funk”? I don’t know what “liquid funk” is. From the “Every Little Thing” remix EP, out March 25th. Clearly I need to listen to the last few Para One records, I thought he sounded like SebastiAn for some reason.]


  10. “I Hate Feelings (You’re the Only)” is an amazing title. Ango (Canadian R&B singer and producer, frequent collaborator with Jacques Greene) just put up this instrumental from “somebody’s project that didn’t end up happening” in 2011. It’s brilliant, emotive but fun (that bouncy bass) and hyperactive - like a beautiful stranger telling you over and over and over again that they love you while running around in circles.

    [Repost - Ango pulled this from his Soundcloud after a few hours, but it was up for free download so I feel ok about putting this here, I think. It’s too good not to share. I know that the tag “R&Bass” is dumb but sometimes you have to make up a genre to describe a feeling]