1. Moonstar by Zora Jones


  2. (That won’t embed for some reason but you should definitely click through)

    He’s a sneaky one, is that Lockah. The lead single from his forthcoming debut album comes on like a late 80s instrumental hip-hop pastiche for all of a few seconds before an aching spacious serious of chords reveals the track to have some serious emotional depth. And when you’ve adjusted to that, the initial chattering drums and “ugh!” samples give way to a palette of warm synths and bedroomtronica claps that wouldn’t sound out of place on the b-side of a LuckyMe single. And when you’ve adjusted to that… A ridiculous, jubilant 90s house piano line turns up. Of course it does. It’s yearning, it’s dark, it’s neon-lit, it’s happy, it’s sad, it’s R&B, it’s house, it’s retro, it’s modern - Lockah never stays in the same place for longer than he has to an, and somehow all of these parts fuse together perfectly to make a track that, much like the title, is confusing for a second and then makes perfect sense.

  3. Vista (Hudson Mohawke Remix) - Jackson and His Computer Band

    This is just incredible. Builds and breaks and peaks and swoops and drops and drops and drops. It’s a five and a half minute galactic rollercoaster, as designed by Rustie on a sugar high. It’s the soundtrack from the surreal 2013 movie remake of the weirdest arcade game of the 80s. You can’t dance to it and then you can dance to it. It’s a great big space-beast of a track that you can’t really fit into any of the genre tags that HudMo is usually landed with - when this finally comes out I’m tagging my mp3 with “cosmic bass”. One of my favourite tracks of the year so far.


  4. I mean, on the one hand, Cyril Hahn's debut non-remix single is everything you could have wanted it to be: catchy, sexy house pop that floats over you like a cool breeze on a hot day (HIRE ME) but on the other hand it's not out til mid October and by then I'm going to have listened to it on SoundCloud one million times.


  5. Starlito jumps (or perhaps just sort of slides) on a floaty beat from Ryan Hemsworth’s recent “Stay Awake EP” to create a two minute track of sad-rap. These aren’t 2am vibes, these aren’t 4am vibes, these are 5.30am vibes. Get miserable. Plays well with rainfall, disappointment and insomnia.


  6. Lunice dropping a minute long head-bobber just before I go to bed. Set to feature on the next Rockie Fresh release but I’d be very, very happy to hear a full length instrumental of this (… and of every other beat he’s done for Rockie, now that I think of it). On good speakers or headphones, the bass on this is going to make you grin.


  7. Let’s hit the ground running. You probably couldn’t (in a healthy manner) make out to this but no record this year will make you want to flip over a table, burn down a house, punch ten people who are bigger than you and then sprint straight into the sun screaming more than “Sea Legs" from El-P and Killer Mike’s unrelenting (free) record of party-ready fight-rap as Run the Jewels.

    "MADE IN AMERICA HOME OF THE EAGLE, HOME OF THE ANGER, HOME OF THE EVIL". Oh shit, I think I just shot a police helicopter down over the suburbs just typing this post up.


  8. I still don’t really fuck with Chvrches - they’re fine at what they do but nothing about it excites me. But they do seem to be great remix fodder- following on from Cid Rim’s dramatic “Recover” remix, Groundislava bends and stretches “Gun" into a pretty, sun-splashed house jam, coming across like Unicorn Kid if he calmed down a bit. 

    Best things here: The long lead in to the main beat (it doesn’t turn up for the first minute and a half), the chopped vocal build up before the final section and that marimba synth. You’ll want to hear this on a big sound system, possibly on a beach, definitely as the last song you hear on a hot day before the sun goes down.


  9. Baauer does some pretty magical things with his remix of Disclosure's (already great) You & Me. The first time I heard this I thought it was going to go the way of his AlunaGeorge remix and throw the song away at the drop, but instead it clings to the original song pretty closely, and that’s why it’s so good. You still get the great pop-song of the original at the centre, but around it Baauer pulls incredible hyper-kinetic stop-start high energy shapes, drawing from elements of garage and straight up “EDM” as well as the aggressive hip-hop inspired production he’s usually known for.

    Highly recommend hitting play on this and then imagine dancing to it in a darkened subterranean concrete room at 2am.

    [Not all Makeout Music is good for making out too. You need a soundtrack for raging, too.]


  10. Hot damn. After playing it on a mix for Radio 1 months ago, Cashmere Cat's remix of Miguel’s “Do You…” is finally out and is an official free download. Expect the usual CC mix of gorgeous atmospheric passages and sudden dramatic rhythmic sections but with the added bonus of a soaring, romantic Miguel vocal. You can definitely make out to this music.