1. YFPS#1: Dress On / Dress Off

    Part mix, part mixtape, some sections actually mixed, some joined together with samples from movies I love. Made as the soundtrack for another thing that I do.

    The original blurb: “We made you a mixtape. The first in the “Your Future Perfect Soundtrack” series, “Dress On / Dress Off” is 40 minutes of slinky, skin-tight slow and slower jams, which we recommend as an accompaniment to thinking about how great you are. Perhaps play it while getting ready for a big day, or on the walk to meet someone you really want to upset. Maybe make out to it, we can’t stop you. It’s exclusively right here on YFPW for the next few days.”

    All true. Mostly R&B, a little hip-hop, a little electronic pop, one UK garage remix of a Canadian indie rock song, almost all slow, sleek shit. I’m really proud of this one.

    Download on Mediafire here.

    Listen and download on Soundcloud here.

    Listen on Mixcloud here (with tracklist). 

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    Miles does good work. You should listen to this. And you should probably kiss someone while you do.
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    Hey, Tumblr. I made a mix this week and I really like it and I hope you do too and I also made this new other Tumblr...
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