1. Archive Mixes - “Friday Night in Mega City One”

    From early this year, this is a quick 25 minute mix of stuff I loved playing at parties in 2012. From the original blurb - “A quick 25 minute blast of cinematic, aggressive dance and hip-hop, stuff that I’ve loved DJing in the last six months.

    This is night out as action movie. This is a night out where the evil hipsters might actually be evil and the bloodsucking DJs might actually suck blood.”

    All stuff you already know at this point, but possibly worth it for the bits of Dredd dialogue which are fun. Newly archived at SOUNDCLOUD and MIXCLOUD and for now, still up for download on MEDIAFIRE.

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    This is really good. I forgot the Harlem Shake was music before it was a horrible, horrible *thing*
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